Andrew edit: My main account “24andrew” was also banned.. it isn’t a joke!

Hello, Golds!

This is not just a warning to the Golds, but it’s a warning to the entire community: DO NOT GO ON CLUB PENGUIN, OR YOU WILL BE BANNED! Club Penguin is cracking down CP army troops and banning them, there have been incidents of banning, such as Elmikey, etc. You should NOT go on Club Penguin in troop uniform, or try to recruit, you WILL be banned.  pls do not un-sticky this, this is important.

As always,

“Venimus, Vidimus, Vicimus!”

~Whats Up11 – Leader of the Golds~

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7 Responses

  1. :'( Golds go big and than they do this. Whyyyy?


    • obv racism


      • Well that’s stupid. We bring in more money for them. And this is how we treat us?

        I can understand why they don’t want us to recruit. Because in their rules, it says that you can’t link to 3rd party sites. However, what about all the leaders who continue paying for membership? We expand CPs age from 3-11 to 3-17. More money to ya, Disney.


      • Amen.


      • I probably won’t move onto the next game if CP stops us. I’d like to move on, and I’m gonna be bored as heck. Armies keep me busy.


  2. LOL


  3. LMFAO


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