Practice Battle vs Redemption Force THIS FRIDAY

Ave Golds, on Friday we will be having a practice battle against Redemption Force. We need to make this our biggest event this week, so let’s have a good turnout and pull off a win.

Practice Battle vs Redemption Force [UK]

Date: Friday, August 22

Times: 7:30pm UK | 2:30pm EST | 1:30pm CST | 12:30pm MST | 11:30am PST

Server: Thermal

15+ troops online and a win for member promotions and one mod promotion. 



~Lorenzo Bean

Events For This week Golds


Training Session *Important*

Server : Flippers ,Town

 Times : 4:00pm EST | 3:00pm CST | 2:00pm PST | 1:00pm MST




Server : Frozen, Town

 Times: 11:30am PST | 12:30pm MST | 1:30pm CST | 2:30pm EST | 7:30pm GMT




Server :  Flippers , Forts

 Times : 3:30pm EST | 2:30pm CST | 1:30pm PST | 12:30pm MST



Server : Frozen , Town

Times : 2:00pm EST | 1:00pm CST | 12:00pm PST | 11:00am MST

Leaders and Owners If you plan a PB or Training Session Add Them to This Post,Also When Chat is Full of Troops we will have unscheduled Recruiting Sessions.Promos If We Max 15-20… 

Tax’s Final Push + Active Count

This is a call for every ex and current Golds Soldier and legend, also community members that wish to join

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Found us on Club Penguin? Join Here!

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Practice Battle vs Chaos Results

Ave Golds, today we had a practice battle against Chaos. At first, we didn’t have enough troops for a match, but about 10 minutes into the battle the tides turned and we easily had them beat in size, maxing 10. However, our tactics left something to be desired, and a lot of people seemed to have trouble with lag/freezing.



2014-08-21_15-19-52 2014-08-21_15-20-53

2014-08-21_15-25-57 2014-08-21_15-28-26


Good job, Golds, let’s top this event tomorrow against RF!

~Lorenzo Bean

Battle Results vs Striking Raiders

Ave Golds, today we had a practice battle against the Striking Raiders. We lost, but it was still a pretty good battle. The battle started out heavily in their favor but we eventually had 9 troops on and did a pretty good job with tactics. Shoutout to Jessie for some of the pics.






~Lorenzo Bean


Summer’s Over (Training Results 8/18)

Ave Golds, today we definitely felt the effects of summer ending for a lot of us. We only scrounged up 7 troops for the training session today, but at least our tactic performance was decent.





~Lorenzo Bean

The Beginning of a New Chapter at the End of a Book – Welcoming of GoldsChick

The Retirement of Tax B

After 8 years of fighting the good fight, it all came down to this

After many years of dedication and loyalty, my time in the Golds has officially come to a conclusion. When I initially joined the Golds in the beginning of June 2014, I had no idea where this glorious army was going to lead me. My long journey has led me to find an incredible community and army where I’ve created numerous memories, met amazing new friends, and even learned valuable experiences; all that I’ll cherish and treasure forever. Although I am departing from you today, the memories that we have shared and created will remain with me always. My reign as the leader of the Golds may be over, but I will forever be a Golds, and as a Golds, I will do my best to always look out for my fellow soldiers and friends.

In my army career, I’ve been fortunate enough to attain a variety of achievements including some of the most elusive titles and awards along with several significant triumphs in wars, battles, and tournaments. However, in absolutely no way whatsoever did I accomplish any one of those things alone; together as an army we did. A leader is only as good as his or her troops are, and I’m proud to say I definitely have the best troops a leader could ever wish to have. Without you guys, we wouldn’t have been able to win so many battles, be crowned as the number one army in Club Penguin for what seemed to be just about every week, and completely dominate as the elite force in all of armies.

Looking back, what we did in this year of 2014 was truly legendary. We were able to accomplish things that very few armies have ever done, and we have rightfully earned a placement as one of the greatest generations not just in the Golds but in Club Penguin armies as a whole. 2014 began as a special year from the start and was destined for greatness by the time summer rolled around. This summer that we have shared and created together has certainly been one of the best summers ever experienced by the Golds Army. From the huge sizes that we reached to the great victories that we achieved during our countless wars, all of it could not have happened without you, our amazing troops. What we were able to achieve and do day in and day out truly is amazing and something that no other army has done in a very long time. For that, you should all feel very proud of yourselves. Together, we transformed this generation and era into a Golden Ageish, not only for us, but also for the community as a whole as we led the charge. Beyond any doubt, we have created history this summer along with priceless memories that we will never forget for as long as we live.

As we move officially out of the summer season, I will not be able continue on this journey in 2014 as your leader unfortunately. It’s time for me to move on as my activity and passion isn’t as strong as it used to be. It’s time for a new face in the leadership along with our other fresh and vibrant upcoming leaders. I must remind you though, the year is not over yet. Although I may not be with you on the next part of your journey, I encourage you to finish out this year and beyond just as strong. Our current and upcoming leaders are more than capable of leading you to success and to the top. They have been here through it all and certainly know what they are doing as they were major contributors and leaders throughout this second Golden Age era. I welcome you GoldsChick a veteran capable of far more anything and wish her to be leader and take my place, shes been with me since 2006 but left in 2011 and now returned to the CP Army Community for this. Thank you Golds

[8/16/14] Final Push No.1 Suicide Pact

Ave Golds, today we had a training session on Flippers, the first event in our Final Push. The tactics were pulled off very nicely and we managed get an average of 14 troops online and max 16.

We wish the media to use this photo

it might not be the best but we wish so from the Golds empire


Golds 2

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