War Against the Vikings [Event Schedule]

Edit: We are now on a ceasefire with Vikings, so we’re having training/recruiting instead of battles.

Ave Golds, since we are starting to improve a little, it’s time to try our hand at another war. This time we will be facing the Vikings (VCP). We will be changing up the way we do all events for a while, including these battles. Instead of going on empty servers all the time, we will be using busy servers. The rules and terms of the war are as follows:

  1. No allies
  2. No multilogging
  3. All battles will be held on busy servers

We will bring the Gold Rush to the Vikings…


Date: Thursday, September 18

Time: 7:00pm EST | 6:00pm CST | 5:00pm MST | 4:00pm PST

Server: Flurry

Practice Battle vs Water Vikings

Date: Friday, September 19

Time: 5:00pm EST | 4:00pm CST | 3:00pm MST | 2:00pm PST 

Server: TBD

Training/Recruiting Session

Date: Saturday, September 13 

Time: 3:00pm EST | 2:00pm CST | 1:00pm MST | 12:00pm PST | 8:00pm UK

Server: Flurry

Schedule will be updated as battles/other events are added. We might try to squeeze in a UK battle sometime.



~Lorenzo Bean


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Vikings Battle Result

Ave Golds, after much da bait, we called the battle with Vikings today a draw. Our size was okay, maxing 11 right before the battle, but the tactics were pretty bad and people were going AFK or just leaving during the battle. We gotta improve in order to start winning these battles cleanly.









~Lorenzo Bean


Protected: This Weeks Gameplan

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Weekly Recap (9/8 – 9/14)

Ave Golds,

Today we’ve had our ups and downs his week. However we did get into CPAC, which is a big accomplishment. However I am starting to do weekly recaps to show the progress of how golds are doing. Let’s begin shall we?

Monday, September 8th


On Monday we had a recruiting session which we did pretty well on, and we had a nice size.

Tuesday, September 9th


On Tuesday we had a battle between us and the vikings and we won!

Wednesday, September 10th


On Wednesday we had a disappointing training session. We had a bad size, however we did had perfect tactics.

Friday, September 12th


We had a great comeback on Friday! We got a really great size of 15 and some pretty decent tactics!

Saturday, September 13th

No event

Sunday, September 14th


A great event with a great size. Tactics were okay, but not great.


Like I said, we had our ups an downs this week. But overall, I think we did pretty good. Don’t forget to read my post “The Gold Rush Depends on YOU”. I want every troop to be reading that post, because it’s important. Have a great rest of the weekend Golds!

-Tilgen (Golds Leader)


Unscheduled Recruiting/Training (9/14)

Ave golds,

Today I decided to have an unscheduled event today about 1:30 PM EST. We had 15 troops on chat, and we managed to get a max of 16. However, through out the middle of the event, some people just left and we kind of lost size. If you are going to participate in an event, at least be there for the whole event. Overall tactics were pretty decent, they weren’t great but that’s probably because we had a bunch of randy’s on CP. Anyways, good job Golds.







-Tilgen (Golds Leader)

The Gold Rush Depends on You

Ave Golds,

As you may of noticed we have gotten into CPAC. I’m first going to have to say that the other leaders and I are very proud of you all. However, you, the community, has a choice. We can either stay in CPAC and even get higher in CPAC or we can go back down to SMAP and SMAC. I’m assuming most of you want us to stay in CPAC, I do too. But remember, this depends on YOU. I’m gonna have to say that it’s just not the leaders that gets us into CPAC or any other CPA news source, it’s also the troops. Regardless of your rank, I’m asking you to acknowledge how important these events will be starting on the 15th. All I’m asking is for 35 minutes of your time everyday. For mods and members, it’s not that hard to make us rise. All I’m asking is for you to make time for our events and check the website daily. That’s all I’m asking, I’m not asking you to be on chat 24/7, I’m not asking you to check the website every hour. I’m just asking that you check the website for events and actually come to events with your full attention. Remember, it’s your choice, we can either stay in CPAC or go back down to SMAP. You coming to the event, makes a difference. Don’t have that attitude where you don’t come to events because you think plenty of other people are there, because you may be dead wrong. An issue I want to address is that people are AFKING before or during an event. Some people decide to go do somethings right before an event or during an event. Look, we understand if your mom is calling you to do the dishes, or your sibling might need help with something. But if you are going to AFK, at least tell us why. If you tell us why then we’ll excuse you. Besides, try telling your parents or whoever is calling you to get off the computer just say “Hang on, I need 10 minutes” or something. If that doesn’t work, just tell us you are going to AFK and the reason. When you come to events, we need you to have your full attention. Please do not try to multitask during an event. Anyways, like I said, we can have another golden era, but that depends on YOU. Honestly, if you despise going to events, then just quit. You’re either with us or against us. We can either stay in CPAC or go back to SMAP, this is your decision.

-Tilgen (Golds Leader)

Golds Goin Back into Cpa Central

Ave Golds,

Well Troops i want to give Golds congrats on Getting back into the CPAC Top Ten as 9th. Not only have our sizes been bigger around 15+-20 and US division getting even better We have updated Lines and our new Recruiting Page For all owners and Troops in training.We would have gotten 7th or so but i’ll bet its cause of our bad events that we have maxed like 5+ and using busy servers but we can improve and fix that.Now that the Gold Rush is here and actually rising we have to give it our all to get on the Top 5 and help on Recruiting and staying Loyal,once we do this Golds will be back to its great glory and even more fun with even more soldiers.I Want to thank all the other friends and troops that helped.

~Antonio96071-Golden Emperor

~Tilgen – Golds Army Leader

~Lorenzo Bean – Main Emperor


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