Training This Week


Our goal this week to keep up sizes of 10 and above and shoot for getting 15 at least once.

:!:Practice Battle vs Ice Warriors :!:

Date: Wednesday, October 1

Time: 8:00pm EST | 7:00pm CST | 6:00pm MST | 5:00pm PST

Server: Flippers

:!:Practice Battle vs Nachos [UK] :!:

Date: Friday, October 3

Time: 7:00pm UK | 2:00pm EST | 1:00pm CST | 12:00pm MST | 11:00am PST 

Tournament Battle vs Acp

Date : Saturday , October 4

Times : 7:30pm UK, 2:30pm EST, 1:30pm CST, 12:30pm MST, 11:30am PST



Ave Golds, our old chat has been compromised thanks to none other than Zuke, so we had to move to this one –


Making Friends (Please Actually Read This)

Greetings Golds, it is I, Tilgen (AKA Coke). So I just wanted to make a post about a couple things because it’s been a while since I made a post. First of all, you might be wondering why the post says ‘making friends’. That’s because you guys need to make friends from different armies. Why am I bringing this up? Because we can get a larger chat size during events if you do this. Here’s what you need: good social skills & a smile. Basically go into different army chats and start hanging out there too. Don’t worry you won’t get demoted for hanging out in different army chats. Find one person to get well acquainted with. Once you start getting acquainted with them, call them during events. They will most likely come if they are your friend. But make sure that you are helping them with their army’s events as well. That way, it’s a win win situation. They help you with your army events and you help them with theirs. Try to make two different friends from two different armies. Also, make sure it’s an army we are allies with. Another thing, don’t go into any army’s chat and add everyone to your friends list and call them to chat. That will piss of their army’s leader. Just add the people who you are well acquainted with. Here is a list of our allies that you can go into their chat and make friends with:

Doritos of CP

Ice Warriors

Dark Warriors

 Golden Troops

There are more allies on the empire page.  If everyone makes two friends and they call them to chat we can get a triple amount of what we usually have. For example if we usually max 20 then we could max 60 if everyone calls in 2 friends. I’m not trying to make it sound like you guys don’t have friends in general but whenever we tell you guys to call you guys only end up calling two people in (no offense). Well, that’s all for now. Let’s keep us on CPAC Golds!

-Tilgen (Golds 2IC)

Great Recruiting Today

Ave Golds, today we recruited on Flurry at 4pm EST. Even though we started out with a small group, we managed to get a mass of 25 penguins in less than 10 minutes! Keep up the recruiting.






We got a nice little recruiting video out of this event as well:



:!:Practice Battle vs Ice Warriors :!:

Date: Wednesday, October 1

Time: 8:00pm EST | 7:00pm CST | 6:00pm MST | 5:00pm PST

Server: Flippers

All golds Attend the events posted we need u all!

Ave Golds,

Its me Johnnyroger12 Just giving y’all a heads up before our Events That Are posted on the schedule.As u all should know by now Zuke has been couped from leadership do to shear stupidity and lack of common sense.We shall rebuild and restore the golden empire to its former glory we will prevail.And another thing golds remember we have switched chats to   all because of zuke, remember to go to that chat before all events and receive your orders. On that note Goodbye Golds We are the golden empire United we stand.

-Johnnyroger12 Your 3ic

Slump Sunday

Ave Golds, today’s training didn’t go so well. Granted, there was only a few hours’ notice, but still, we could have done a lot better. We recruited/trained on Flurry, maxing 10 at the School.







Schedule for this week will be posted soon.

~Lorenzo Bean


This is very short notice, but we should try to have another event this weekend, so let’s make the best of this training.


Training Session

Time: 4:00pm EST | 3:00pm CST | 2:00pm MST | 1:00pm PST | 9:00pm UK

Server: Wool Socks



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