Temporary Lockdown

Ave Golds,

As of today March 29th 2015 the Golds are officially entering lockdown until 10th May 2015 the birthday of the army. Honestly we were considering closing the army down for good, but we’ve come to far now and I refuse to give up on this army. The reasoning for the lockdown is simple, the army is currently functioning in a way that every time we take a step forward we take several backwards. Lots of things are currently against us in the form of a unsuitable name for recruiting on CP, a depleted ownership and overall the function and morale of this army has been shot to pieces. However I have come up with a few solutions to try and solve the crisis and will be continually working on them and perfecting everything I can until the lockdown is lifted in May.


  • Improved Search Terms [ ]
  • New Ownership [ ]
  • New Moderators [ ]
  • New Graphics [ ]
  • Updated Pages [ ]

Updates will continue to be posted on this website and the Golds chat will remain active for those who want to go there, however rules will still be enforced and the leadership will be continuing their work on improving the army. If anyone wishes to be a part of this upcoming revolution of the army then contact a leader on chat.

Our time is coming…

- Jack.



Keeping with our tradition the Golds will be holding a event for this years Wrestlemania on Golds chat much like last year. Anyone from any other armies is also welcome to attend for the show of shows.

Wrestlemania talk will only start at 5pm EST, the show itself will begin at 6pm EST.

Ranks Update

The Ranks page has been updated with more simplified Ranks and everyone who has joined up to the time of making this post has been added to the Ranks. If your Rank is missing contact a Leader on chat.

Also a note for owners, when you Rank someone please delete their application in the feedback so they don’t get accidentally ranked twice.



Golds is hiring new owners, PC Tilgen (lilflamez) to sign up.

All you need to do as an owner is





That’s pretty much it.

 come to xat.com/goldsarmy

PB VS WN Results

Ave Golds,

Today we logged on and maxed 9 and had good tactics. Overall a decent event.


-Tilgen (Golds Leader)


:!: Practice Battle :!:

Golds VS. Water Ninjas! [IMPORTANT]

When: Saturday 28th March

Server: Flippers


9:00am GMT

4:00pm EST

3:00pm CST

2:00pm MST

1:00pm PST


We were supposed to have a Practice Battle with Chaos, but they didn’ show up. So instead we had a training. We maxed 5. It wasn’t great, people being stubborn and not logging on isn’t going to be tolerated anymore.




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