Ant Generation coming to a End soon…

Ave Fellow Golds,

My Fellow army soldiers its me your Golds Army main Emperor sending a message : I have been in the Golds Army of Cp for 8 months and led it for like 2 months and its my time to end my historic career soon… The Golds new future is coming and i must leave to continue my Cp Army life or maybe even retire from All Cp armies temporary, i will lead the Golds once again in the future when needed and be its war general also be the best adviser to ever live and still guide them.To make it official ,I will lead the golds to greatness for 1 last time before i say my good byes on Chat and have my Final events around the end of October , i wish to stay as editor on this famous site and i will tell who will take my replacement as Emperor in the Army HQ and say my final goodbyes.From Antonio96071 i was born on xat as a private to The Golden Emperor of this golds generation♠

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Events for this Week [10/21-10/26]

Ave Golds, congratulations on reaching 7th on CPAC. This week we need to work on consistency and shaping ourselves up for war; whatever our next conflict is, we need to win. We will also be starting up an AUSIA division again, we have also built be back our Uk Force and our USA division is stable.

:!: Thursday, October 24 :!:

Battle vs Air Force

4:00pm EST

3:00pm CST 

2:00pm MST

1:00pm PST

9:00pm UK

Server: Flippers

:!: Friday, October 25 :!:

Training Session [UK]

8:00pm UK

3:00pm EST

2:00pm CST

1:00pm MST

12:00pm PST

Server: Flippers


Training Session [US]

5:00pm EST

4:00pm CST

3:00pm MST

2:00pm PST

10:00pm UK

Server: Wool Socks


Training Session [AUSIA]

5:00pm AEDT

4:30pm ACDT

4:00pm AEST

3:30pm ACST

3:00pm AWST

11:00pm PST (Thursday)

Server: Wool Socks

:!: Saturday, October 26 :!:

Battle vs DCP

8:00pm UK

3:00pm EST 

2:00pm CST 

1:00pm MST

12:00pm PST

Server: Summit




October 2014 Legend Inductions

Update 3:35 PM EST: Due to minor problems, the Most Loyal Troop poll had to be reset, please vote again.

As a legend of the Golds Army, I am given the opportunity to make the Legend Inductions for the Golds Army.

Becoming a legend in a legendary army isn’t easy. You have to work for it, and you have to remain loyal to the Golds Army for a very long time. Of course the alternate choice is to lead Golds to amazing sizes consistently, but loyalty is the main problem in the Golds today, and that will be our main induction for this year: Most Loyal Troops. We will also be doing Greatest Leader.

Lets get started on the poll, shall we?

Of course, if you think someone else should be a legend, you may vote “Other” and comment.

If you beg or ask people to vote for you, you will be removed from the poll.


This poll will expire on Sunday, October 26, 2014

-Agent 11 – Golds Legend

Ausia Training Results [10/23]

Ave Golds, today we opened up our Ausia for the first time since June with a training session on Wool Socks. We maxed 7 and had perfect tactics, which is nice even though it’s easy with that size. We also did a new tactic, which I am calling the “train”. This is where we get in a line and sit in the same direction, either to the left or right. I think it looks pretty funny. Hopefully we can hit 10 at an Ausia event within the next week or so.







Good event, Golds!

It’s up to you

I’ve come today to make this post on a serious problem in the Golds that is preventing the rise of this army, but is instead making Golds a complete roller coaster:


Lets be honest, autotyping won’t work for the Golds. No excuses, it won’t work. We’ll have a high risk of losing the word “Golds” on CP if we autotype. You can still try, but that means risking the word “Golds” to be filtered on Club Penguin, and we know CP has stepped up their filtering game as of late.

You should know there are two other types of recruiting; Twitter and chat. I obviously prefer chat, but Twitter would work great too.

Now, it’s up to you. Do you really love this army? Do you really want to prove who you are in the Golds? Do you want to be on the Hall of Fame? Or, even, do you want the Golds to rise higher in CPAC?

You obviously do. I can tell we have been slacking in recruiting lately, no excuses. If we want the Golds to rise, we have to stop being lazy. Do you know why we rise to 15-20 randomly? That’s right, because we actually try to recruit. If you actually try, we could be maxing 15-20 at every event, or even beyond 20. Do you want this? Do you want to be the creator of a new golden age for the Golds? I say yes, what about you?

This honestly is a judgment on how lazy or hard working you are. If you slack, nobody will want you as owner or leader in any other army, and it will show that you’re just too lazy to actually control an army, or be a part of it (owner or main owner). I worked my ass off in Golds, and look at where it got us. It grew a golden age. YOU can do the same if you try to recruit. I am tired of the Golds rising then falling again, this roller coaster ride has been too long. It’s time to stop, and step up the recruiting or we’ll keep falling and rising over and over again, which will get annoying. Do you think anyone who is a Golds legend and still cares about the Golds wants to see the Golds be a giant roller coaster? No, they want to see the Golds have consistent sizes, mainly 15-25, in that area, including me. Some of you want to learn from me, but you don’t need to. You can learn a thing or two from me, but that’s all you need. You all have the potential to make any army big, including the legendary army, the Golds. I barely learned, I just watched a little and learned a thing or two from the people I learned and watched from, and look at where I am at now.

Most of you have the ability to make the Golds big, but you slack. Don’t try to insult me on Golds chat, you know you’re slacking if the Golds keep falling like this.

Step up your game Golds, this roller coaster needs to come to an end. You must start recruiting to make the Golds rise to great heights.

It’s up to you. It’s either we rise, or we fall.

-Agent 11

U-Lead event Results [US]

Hello Golds

Today we had a US event on the server Wool Socks and we did OK. Tactics were good and size was kinda bad. We logged at 6:00 EST and maxed 10 and averaged 8.Golds You must try to stay active during the events ,do the tactics and keep doing them until everyone will. Here are the pictures I took:



Good job Golds! Nice Tactics.

Golds VS WV PB Results (10/21)

Sup golds, today we logged on at 4:40 PM EST. We had a PB with WV. We maxed about 10 and averaged 7 on Cp and 15 on Chat. We had people have connection issues or leaving in the middle of the event and people goin AFK. Listen, only call people if you know they’re going to help THROUGH OUT THE WHOLE EVENT. Don’t just call in people that are going to go AFK or just leave in the middle of the event. It was a tie but our tactics were pretty decent. We also lost a lot of our size during the middle of the event. But it doesn’t really matter because WV kind of lost size too.






-Tilgen (Golds LIT)

Us Tactics Event

Ave Golds,

Well soldiers we logged on at 6:00 pm EST to start our 1st Us event for this week , we maxed 13+ and averaged 12 and had some shamefull tactics at Wool Socks , Town forming a chat bar line. Golds You must try to stay active during the events ,do the tactics and keep doing them until everyone will does them.In some points the leadership feels like it would of been better maxing like 10 and have great tactics then maxing 15 and almost doing none of them.These are the pics i took:





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