MAJOR Changes In Golds Ownership

In order to start a rise, I have made many changes to the ownership, which there was many problems.

There will be more updates. I will add them in the list below.

  • I have joined as leader – Agent 11
  • Dwain has joined for 2ic
  • Dom has joined for UK leader
  • Coqui michu and Tilgen have been promoted to LIT
  • Antonio has decided not to retire after a couple of days of thinking about it
  • Midnightwave has joined for 2nd in command.
  • No Cussing
  • 1 Army for Owners [ There will be a conversation between leaders before a demotion is put ]
  • No More hiring Owners Focus on recruiting Cp members or moderators

Events for this Week [10/21-10/26]

Ave Golds, congratulations on reaching 7th on CPAC. This week we need to work on consistency and shaping ourselves up for war; whatever our next conflict is, we need to win. We will also be starting up an AUSIA division again, we have also built be back our Uk Force and our USA division is stable.

Final Training for This Week




October 2014 Legend Inductions

Update 3:35 PM EST: Due to minor problems, the Most Loyal Troop poll had to be reset, please vote again.

As a legend of the Golds Army, I am given the opportunity to make the Legend Inductions for the Golds Army.

Becoming a legend in a legendary army isn’t easy. You have to work for it, and you have to remain loyal to the Golds Army for a very long time. Of course the alternate choice is to lead Golds to amazing sizes consistently, but loyalty is the main problem in the Golds today, and that will be our main induction for this year: Most Loyal Troops. We will also be doing Greatest Leader.

Lets get started on the poll, shall we?

Of course, if you think someone else should be a legend, you may vote “Other” and comment.

If you beg or ask people to vote for you, you will be removed from the poll.


This poll will expire on Sunday, October 26, 2014

-Agent 11 – Golds Legend

Introducing Midnightwave.

Ave Golds,

My name is Midnightwave. Most of you probably will know me from other armies like Redemption Force and Striking Raiders. I feel this is the right army to be in and i’m really welcomed. I am your new 2nd in command, and get ready for the rise.


Brother Allies With The Dark Warriors Once More!

DW 2

[10/25/14] Unscheduled Training Session

Greetings Golds, throughout this entire week we have maxed 20+! Today we logged on to Icicle for a recruitment event

3 Medals to everyone who participated and we have recieved new troops from our healthy recruitment! We had over 25+ troops online but 10 were AFK, this is stopping us from reaching our peak, but that is why we will have to change now. Once again we have new moderators and members from our recruitment!

Welcome to the Golds Family!

Without further ado, here is our size

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The B Generation

The B Generation is not over yet. I will be attending US Events, but our AUSIA needs to step up their game again. Let’s go back to maxing 25 on our AUSIA. The Golds are back in action, The Gold Rush Has Only just begun…

|| Tax B || Golds Main Emperor ||

Club Penguin Aunt Arctic and Gary Meetup Times Fall 2014

Originally posted on LBX Club Penguin Cheats and More!:

Hey everyone, Lorenzo Bean here. Want to meet Aunt Arctic and Gary on Club Penguin? They will be online at these posted times, giving you plenty of opportunities to find them and receive their giveaways! All times are in Penguin Standard Time, which is 3 hours behind EST and 7 hours behind GMT.

Gary Meetup Times

Sunday, October 26th

  • 5:00 PM on the server Cozy

Monday, October 27th

  • 4:30 AM on the Russian server Ледниковый период
  • 7:00 AM on the Russian server Хоккей
  • 8:30 AM on the German server Handschuhe

Tuesday, October 28th

  • 7:30 AM on the Russian server Северный олень
  • 8:30 AM on the French server Yéti
  • 10:15 AM on the server Jack Frost
  • 11:00 AM on the Portuguese server Chiclete
  • 3:00 PM on the server Sherbert

Wednesday, October 29th

  • 5:00 AM on the Russian server Айсберг
  • 1:45 PM on the server Chinook

Thursday, October 30th

  • 6:30 AM on…

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Weekly Recap (10/19-10/25)

Ave Golds, this week was a pretty good week. We have a new leadership and hired some great new owners. Let’s keep up the good work.We maxed 20+ twice and did better then last week!The Gold Rush era is back as we welcome back Agent 11 and present the new Golden Squad!Read the posts if you want to see more pics and information.

Sunday (10/19)

On Sunday we had a unschead UK training session. We maxed 24+ and had great tactics.


Monday (10/20)

On Monday we had a US training session we maxed 12+ however tactics weren’t very good.

Tuesday (10/21)

On Tuesday we had a PB with WV and maxed 10 and averaged 8 which was a tie. Tactics were decent but people went AFK.


Wednesday (10/22)

On Wednesday we had a US U-Lead event and got a max of 8.

There was also another Ausia event. They maxed 7+ and had perfect tactics.The Golds Ausia train.

Thursday (10/23)

On Thursday we had an Ausia training event, we maxed 8 with awesome tactics.Not ad on rebuilding our Ausia division.

We also had a US PB with Air Force. We maxed 12 and our tactics were pretty good.Look at the post for more pics:


Later that night, we had another PB against Doritos. We had 20 troops for this battle and won.

Friday (10/24)

On Friday we had a training event, we maxed 15 and our tactics were pretty good.


Saturday (10/25)

On Saturday we had a battle that went against 3 armies and were blue. Tactics weren’t very good however we maxed 15.



In conclusion it was mostly a pretty good week. Keep up the good work Golds.

-Tilgen (Golds 2IC)

Golds VS LT VS Nachos VS RPF Battle Results (10/25)

Ave Golds, today we logged on at 2:50 PM EST. We maxed 15 and averaged 13. Tactics were not very good. The size wasn’t too bad. Well I have to say this battle was an abomination. Too bad the 3 armies happened to gang up on us. Anyways here are the pics:







-Tilgen (Golds 2IC)



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